This product is made with the top few oils that are best known to help cure hyperpigmentation. This product can be used to replace a facial moisturizer. All of the ingredients listed below are amazing for the skin and will work to even out your skin tone, but each oil also has its own benefits as well:

Avocado Oil - Rich In fatty acids, keeping skin moisturized, and also contains vitamin E 
Grape seed Oil - Anti-inflammatory properties, used on sensitive and acne prone skin 
Evening Primrose Oil - Moisturizes
Rosehip Seed Oil - Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Tamanu Oil - Heals acne, treats ingrown hairs, fades stretch marks and acne spots 
Lemon Oil - Tightens and tones skin 

You will receive a 2oz/60mL bottle
Please do not purchase if you allergic to any of these oils 

Hyperpigmentation Facial Oil